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Our unique Practice Success System is developed and delivered with Doctors,
to help their colleagues to prosper professionally
while reducing stress and non-clinical risks in managing their practices.


We passionately share this System through Result-oriented Business Education Workshops for GPs, Specialists and Practice Managers, at any stage of private practice.


We coach using proven contemporary business tools and techniques, not taught in med-school, to create sustainable success in professional and personal life.

Result-oriented Workshops

Specially Designed for GPs, Specialists, Registrars & Practice Managers

Finance, marketing and medical

Strategies that Deliver Results, Fast – Finance and Marketing are THE ESSENTIAL skills for any business, including Medical practice.

Delivered with Dr Jaydeep Ubeja, this workshop offers, cutting-edge, hands-on knowledge in effective marketing, legalities, MBS billing, smarter investments, wealth creation, managing growth and focusing on what matters to take your profession to next level.

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Career Growth with No Mother-guilt – Having your own practice offers unlimited opportunities, but with unique challenges for women. Learn practical techniques to take control of your finances, build a successful career while creating desired work-life balance, create personal wealth with less stress.

Includes an interactive session with Dr. Sneha Joshi who has successfully implemented the Practice Success System to create the desired professional and personal success. 

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Starting a Successful Private Practice

Ensuring Right Start – Starting a private practice is an exciting yet nervous time for medical professionals. This workshop will guide you through key principles that will help successfully launch your practice, including: choosing the right business structure, essential finance and accounting for doctors, marketing techniques to increase patients, tools for managing staff, plus much more.

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Imagine for a few moments…..your practice is working like a well-oiled machine…stress is at a minimum…your patient base and satisfaction is growing steadily…staff productivity, revenue and profits are up…professionally you are feeling very gratified….you can keep growing or…..

you can spend quantity time your family, not just quality time….join that club you always wanted to……travel….pursue your passion…..

An impossible dream….?

Practice Success System can help to make it possible!

Workshop Outcomes

  • – Leave with practical information that will make a difference in professional life
  • – Become financially smart and build wealth
  • – Increase your patients satisfaction by innovative ways
  • – Reduce non-clinical risks and reduce stress in running a practice / profession
  • – Build your brand and manage reputation effectively
  • – Make your professional and personal vision a reality
  • – Prevent yourself from ending up with expensive or wrong business advice
  • – Transform yourself from Business averse to Business savvy

Key Benefits

  • Get 6000 hours worth of knowledge in 16 hours through a leading professional in business and financial disciplines specializing in healthcare consultancy
  • Learn from self-experience of Dr Jay- How to create a profitable practice and optimize patient retention
  • Practical take-away from a Successful Female Guest Speaker about ‘How to excel professionally without compromising family life’ – only in Women in Medicine Workshop
  • 100 % Money Back Guarantee* with No Product Selling Promise
  • Unique blend of Inspiration and Invaluable insights from years of experience working with Doctors, based on real life case studies
  • Practical tools & techniques for business growth & wealth creation with result driven action plans -Recover your investment in this workshop in no time*
  • Peer learning through like-minded doctors, eager to share and develop their knowledge
  • CPD Entitlement*
  • Higher returns on your time investment through intensive schedule, with no time-wasters
  • 300 page binder as a reference source

Upcoming Courses

Finance & Marketing for Medical

We all want it enough. Money is NOT a dirty word, even in medical context.
Yes, to serve health consumers well, you need to make your practice profitable, ethically.
To make it profitable, you must add new patients and retain existing, consistently.

In this very thought provoking, focused workshop, know the proven Success System to understand your practice through whole new lenses. Acquire the financial skills to thrive in professional and personal life and propel forward your practice/career growth. Get skilled and hands-on in latest marketing techniques and strategies.
Most importantly, learn techniques to take care of yourself and your business, with Dr Jay.

Suitable for GPs, Specialists, Registrars and Trainees, whether or not in private practice.

Venue: Hilton, Sydney

Date: 9-10 March 2019

Time: 8.00am to 6.00pm

* Course dates for remaining of 2019 to be announced soon.

Upcoming Courses

Women in Medicine Exclusive

Women in Medicine share a common story, of tackling dual challenges – strive for professional success within field still dominated by men and, manage family life while struggling with mother-guilt.

In this very focused workshop, know proven Success System to effectively manage these challenges, thrive in professional and personal life by learning techniques to propel forward your practice/career growth, take control of your finances, manage competition and workplace challenges and, learn techniques to take care of yourself.

Suitable for GPs, Specialists, Registrars and Trainees, whether or not in private practice.

Venue: Hilton, Sydney

Date: Second half of 2019 dates coming soon

Time: 8.00am to 6.00pm

* Course dates for 2019 to be announced soon.

Meet Sachin Joshi

He knows how to build a successful private practice by managing the challenges medical professionals face on this journey.

Sachin is a leading professional in business and financial disciplines, specializing in the healthcare sector.  An expert on business topics, contributor to Yahoo Finance, has presented at many events including: GPCE, HPMI and PHN’s on  topics ‘How to Manage those who Manage your Money’, ‘Practice Business Planning’, ‘Improving Practice KPIs’ and ‘Managing Changes in Healthcare’, to name a few.

As a trusted coach and owner of medical center, he is deeply passionate about helping doctors achieve their business and personal goals.

Meet Dr Jay

In only three years of clinical practice, he has generated a revenue three times that of the average income of a practicing general practitioner, by following proven, legitimate principles.

Commonly known as “Dr Jay”, he has been a practicing general practitioner with further sub specialty interest areas in dermatology and skin cancer medicine and surgery.

He has formulated a unique methodology that allows for both patient satisfaction and retention, whilst driving profitability at the same time.

If you want to learn this, then make sure you be at our events.

Meet Doctor Sneha Joshi

Meet a successful female doctor- Surgeon, GP or any other speciality- who has made a mark in the medical field while balancing profession and family. Know secrets of her success and professional satisfaction

This doctor will vary depending upon each location.


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