Who We Are

What drives us is:

“Our Passion” and “Simplification”

Our Passion is to  ‘Share Authentic Knowledge’ by Simplifying it.  

We strongly believe in  ‘Adding Real Value’ through Simplification.

In one word, we:


We Add Real Value through Simplification.

Through Health Business Excellence Program, we provide innovative solutions to a diverse range business issues faced by medical practitioners today.

We have only one value- what we stand for:


‘Excellence’ in ‘what we do’ and ‘how we do it’.

‘Excellence’ in whatever is required in any business situation.

With our motto of “Simplification”, having a long list of values makes no sense to us.

Our Vision: To be a reputed ‘essential education’ provider to Medical Practitioners.

Our Mission: To share all what we know and what works, without holding back.

Starting a new venture has its own rewards, thrill, satisfaction and…. challenges.

We have experienced it many times, including in Health Industry.

That’s why we understand what a Doctor goes through to build a successful medical practice.

Growing up with many doctors, it was evident ‘why this most intelligent section of society is amongst top 2% money earners’- due to their hard work.

However, doctors also go through a lot of struggles on business side of things, which could have been well avoided or atleast better managed with some formal business knowledge.

No doubt, everyone has basic business acumen. But I learned from my own hard experience- if I had the management knowledge which I have today 25 years ago when I had my thriving property business, the journey could have been better. Atleast I have that knowledge now, so no regrets. There are very few doctors who are business-savvy and have taken their profession to a whole new level due to such knowledge advantage.

For doctors who play such a vital role in community, Simplifying Business (SimBiz) decided to share own experience and cutting-edge knowledge on business-side of the practice.

Identifying precisely what busy doctors need to run their practices successfully, a comprehensive, intensive program “Health Business Excellence Program” was developed over 2 years, prior to launching it in June 2016. Prior to that, SimBiz have conducted many short courses tailored to medical industry since 2012.

In addition to providing essential skills to doctors to manage and grow their practices effectively, the programs aims to reduce their reliance on advisors and provides tools so doctors can assess the correctness of advisors’ advice.

The feedback received from participants assures that such practical knowledge is a valuable aid to doctors in reaching full potential of their practice and profession.

A bit more history for those interested- Simplifying Business (SimBiz) was founded by Sachin Joshi in 2010 to provide Business Advisory services to Private Sector SME and Local Government. Since 2011, SimBiz successfully advised many clients on a range of business issues. For details, please visit www.simbiz.com.au. In prior 25 years, Sachin has worked in different executive roles in different industry sectors, in India and Australia, the highlight being as CEO of a multi-million dollar company in India. Sachin also has owned-operated a few successful businesses, including developing 200+ apartments in India. A short bio of Sachin is available in FAQ section under ‘Who deliverers the course?’.

SimBiz does not seek to generate any consulting work from the participants of this program, but provides a one hour telephone support, included in the program fees.