Rethinking Business of Health

Simply speaking, Health Business Excellence Program is like a ’16 hour MBA’ in Private Practice.

Now offering 5 programs tailored to stage of your practice or specific requirements

Practice Growth Strategies for Experienced Doctors: GPs and Specialists 

Specialist Practice Marketing Workshop

Business Essentials for Doctors starting Practice: GPs and Specialists

Business Essentials for Women in Medicine

Rethinking Practice Management for Practice Managers

Many Practice Managers prefer to attend first 4 programs along with doctors.

“I was paying more attention here than in medical conferences. Excellent content every doctor needs to know, presented with clarity.”

Senior GP, Melbourne, 25 years in practice.  

Hilton DT, Melbourne, 3-4 June 2017

Each Program is focused on BUSINESS SKILLS that MATTER,

Skills essential for growth and to reduce non-clinical risks,

Skills which are not taught in Med-school.

Only CPD Activity of its kind accredited* by RACGP and many Specialist Colleges, at the same time.

*For CPD entitlements of your College, click here.

Memories of Completed Courses Gallery

   2 packed days of

practical, relevant content,

discussions and  peer learning


No time wasters!

Melbourne, 10 Sep 17

“Very thought provoking content compared to many other courses I attended elsewhere. Highly recommend”.

Dermatologist Sydney, 25 years experience

Sydney, 18-19 Match 2017

Content is designed for:

  • General Practitioners,
  • Specialists
  • Dentists
  • New Fellows
  • Trainees
  • Practice Managers
  • Decision making staff

In private practice or aspiring to be in private practice

Beneficial at any stage of your Practice or Profession:

  • Starting own practice and looking for where to start,
  • Wish to grow existing practice
  • Maintain practice performance against increasing competition
  • Buying another practice
  • Seeking to improve practice saleability prior to retiring
  • Happily employed or contracting, but wish to have contemporary management and finance knowledge for using in your workplace and personal life.

Snapshot of  Topics covered:

The common topics covered in all programs are listed below.

Content is modified in each of 5 programs to suit specific requirements at that stage of practice.

Addressing increasing competition

  • Ways to get ahead of competition
  • Practice growth strategies

Effective Marketing

  • Proven strategies to increase your patients
  • Developing a marketing plan that works for medical practice
  • Effectively maximising social media and digital marketing
  • Do’s and don’ts of medical marketing

Staff Management

  • Tools to effectively manage staff
  • Ways to improve doctor and staff contribution
  • How to hire right people?
  • Developing your leadership and management skills


  • Finance strategies for smarter investments and wealth creation
  • Using financial data and KPIs to improve practice performance
  • Right questions to ask your accountant and advisers
  • Assessing your business structure suitability
  • Benchmarking your practice


  • Setting up medical practice for success
  • Running and selling practices profitably
  • Effectively reducing non-clinical risks
  • How to choose right advisers and avoid costly mistakes

+ much more knowledge that MATTERS

+ new innovations happening in Health space

Program Structure and Format

The Program is developed using proprietary STAR® Model of Business Excellence.

Focusing on 7 key drivers of Practice Success,

Program is structured to provide

Knowledge – to ask right questions to yourself and your advisers’ and,

Tools – to find right answers or assess adviser’s advice‘.

Various delivery formats are used to suit delegates’ needs and facilitate application of learnings.

Looking at Business of Health from different perspectives,

This comprehensive Program is developed with extensive research,

Own practice experience and inputs from savvy practitioners.