Rethinking Business of Health

Simply speaking, Health Business Excellence Program is like a ’16 hour MBA’ in Private Practice.

It SHARES SKILLS which are not taught in Med-school,

But are essential to make astute business decisions and reduce non-clinical risks, day by day.

It is only CPD Activity of its kind accredited* by RACGP and many Specialist Colleges, at the same time.

*For CPD entitlements of your College, click here.

Program specially designed for:

  • General Practitioners,
  • Specialists
  • Dentists
  • New Fellows
  • Trainees
  • Practice Managers
  • Decision making staff

Beneficial at any stage of your Practice or Profession:

  • Starting own practice and looking for where to start,
  • Wish to grow existing practice
  • Maintain practice performance against increasing competition
  • Buying another practice
  • Seeking to improve practice saleability prior to retiring
  • Happily employed or contracting, but wish to have contemporary management and finance knowledge for using in your workplace and personal life.

Please read FAQ: How can one size fits all?

Program Contents

Over 2 intensive days, the Program covers 7 key ‘business areas’ of a Medical Practice, using proprietary STAR® Model of Business Excellence.

Focusing on 7 key drivers of Practice Success,

Program is structured to provide

Knowledge – to ask right questions to yourself and your advisers’ and,

Tools – to find right answers and assess adviser’s advice‘.

Looking at Practice from different perspectives,

This comprehensive Program is developed with extensive research,

Own practice experience and inputs from savvy practitioners –

‘What they know’ and ‘Want to know more’.

Snapshot of Topics covered:

Addressing increasing competition

  • Finding directions for Practice growth
  • Ways to get ahead of competition

Effective Marketing

  • Strategies to increase your patients
  • Developing a marketing plan that works for medical practice
  • Utilising social media and digital marketing tactics

Staff Management

  • Ways to improve doctor and staff contribution
  • How to hire right people


  • Setting up medical practice for success
  • Running and selling practices profitably
  • Effectively reducing non-clinical risks


  • Finance strategies for smarter investments and wealth creation
  • Using financial data to improve practice performance
  • Asking the right questions to your accountant and advisors
  • Assessing your business structure

+ much more relevant content