Marketing Workshop for Specialists

About the Workshop

Marketing for Specialists

A result-oriented marketing workshop to increase patients- exponentially!

Many Doctors do not like (really speaking ‘hate’) marketing. They think it’s below professional dignity and its fair enough to think that way given the place where Medical profession has come from.

However Specialist practice is getting more specialized on one hand due to sub-specialties i.e. customer segments are getting narrower, and on the other hand, competition is increasing as well.

Specialists invest the most valuable resource – Time – to achieve specialization. The next step – to reap the returns on that investment by starting Private Practice – is often rewarding yet more challenging  due to unknown nature of the business landscape.

Except for few lucky ones who inherit a thriving private practice, many of them feel the real push-back while starting their own practice due to practical concerns like – Will I get enough patients to pay my practice loan?, How do I build a sustainable practice to achieve the desired lifestyle?, How do I stand out amidst the competition?

The ONLY solution to these challenges is – “Your Marketing needs equal care that you provide to your patients.”

……it’s not my sales pitch, but a reality been ignored being too obvious.


Second half of 2019
Dates coming soon


Hilton, Sydney & Gold Coast

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Key Benefits

  • Get 3000 hours worth of business knowledge in 8 hours through a leading professional in business and financial disciplines specializing in healthcare marketing
  • Unique blend of inspiration and invaluable insights from years of experience working with Doctors, based on real life case studies
  • Practical tools & techniques for exponential growth with result driven action plans
  • Peer learning through like-minded doctors, eager to share and develop their knowledge
  • CPD Entitlement*
  • 100 % Money Back Guarantee* with No Product Selling Promise
  • Higher returns on your time investment through intensive schedule, with no time-wasters
  • 300 page binder as a reference source

What You Will Learn

  • Marketing Fundamentals: Forget the old school marketing concepts! Look at your practice using the new lenses THAT WORK for healthcare marketing
  • Traditional Marketing: Find out what still works and how to use it for your practice
  • Branding: Understand how to develop your own unique brand; it’s not what you think it is!
  • Websites, Digital and Social Media Marketing: Master various platforms including how to build your website, facebook pages and use them to deliver desired marketing results.
  • Latest Marketing Trends: Get ahead of the curve knowing the latest trends in Marketing and how to use them to your benefit
  • Legal Issues in Healthcare Marketing: Understand black and white do’s and dont’s and stay out of grey areas.
  • Marketing Strategy: Understand difference in Marketing plan and strategy and develop one for your practice to increase patients consistently.
  • Measuring Marketing ROI: Measure performance of your campaigns- bang for the buck.
  • Customer Service: What does this has to do with my practice? Well see it to believe it!
  • Hiring Consultants: Practical tips and tools to avoid pitfalls if you hire consultants, questions to assess correctness of advisers’ advice and lower associated expenses in each area.

Workshop Schedule

To be Successful you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart

Sr. Thomas Watson, CEO IBM (1874 – 1956)

TimeOne Day Workshop
with coffee and lite breakfast

‘Business’ of Private Practice
Explores the changes in the Health Business and defines a framework for you to control your business and personal life
10:30amMorning Tea

Session 2
Increase the Effectiveness of your Marketing
Understand the NEW fundamentals behind effective marketing to get high returns on your marketing dollars

Session 3
Formulate Marketing Strategy for your practice
Best practice marketing strategies for a medical practice that will increase patients. Session includes all you need to know about websites, social media and traditional marketing.
03:30pmAfternoon Tea

Session 4
Legal and ethical issues in Healthcare Marketing
Know what is not allowed in marketing and avoid pitfalls
Session 5
06:30pmNetworking Drinks & Nibbles

Your Presenters

Meet Sachin Joshi

He knows how to build a successful private practice by managing the challenges medical professionals face on this journey.

Sachin, a leading professional in business and financial disciplines, an expert on business topics and writer on Yahoo Finance, has presented at many events including: GPCE, HPMI and PHN’s on  topics ‘How to Manage those who Manage your Money’, ‘Practice Business Planning’, ‘Improving Practice KPIs’ and ‘Managing Changes in Healthcare’, to name a few.

As a trusted coach and owner of medical center, he is deeply passionate about helping doctors achieve their business and personal goals.

Sachin developed unique Practice Success System for Doctors, with Doctors, by combining his cross-industry experience with world-class management knowledge. He is known to deliver contents in an entertaining manner, by making them Relevant and Result-oriented.

Find out more about Sachin’s expertise and academic qualifications here.


Early Bird

$990 + GST per day

$1850 + GST for both days

Book 30 days before event to receive the early bird rate

Standard Rate

$1500 + GST per day

$2800 + GST for both days

Group Bookings of 2 or more medical professionals receive 20% off total amount.


“The course was invaluable in providing us with the information to feel confident to move forward with our business venture. Sachin, provided clear, concise and up to date information to market our new medical business effectively and within legal realms. We were taught the skills to recruit, keep and manage staff and create a positive work culture. Thank you Sachin for your professional and entertaining approach.”

Milton Village Medical, Brisbane 8-9 September 2018

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