Answers to most of the Commonly Asked Questions

Why should doctors attend? Can only my Practice Manager attend as she manages the practice?

Why should doctors attend?We acknowledge that many doctors have a good business acumen.

However, common feedback received from experienced and established practitioners is- “I should have known this 20 years ago, but atleast now I don’t have to say this after another 20 years”.

Based on our interactions with many doctors, over many years, we developed the content so as to cover in 16 hours ‘What Doctors Must Know about Practice and Financial Management’.

We incorporated inputs from many doctors regarding ‘what they want to know on ‘business side’ of the practice’ as well from savvy practitioners regarding ‘what made them successful’.

In nut shell, the content is created from a doctor’s/ decision maker’s perspective and attending doctors immensely benefit from the solutions provided to the non-clinical/business issues they have to deal with in addition to the clinical responsibilities.

It is a known fact that though many doctors delegate management of practice to Practice Managers, still ‘Practice itself is doctor’s responsibility’, like an operated patient is a surgeon’s responsibility even though many others- assistants, anesthetists, nurses- are involved in the procedure and care.

As an example of benefits offered, many doctors whether owner or employee feel more equipped to ask right questions to their accountant or financial planner, after they attend the Finance module.

In most of our events, doctors and practice managers attend program together and do come up with on-the-spot solutions and reap most benefits. However, they can choose to attend separately as well.

Is this Program for me?

Is this program for me?Knowing first-hand the different issues faced by today’s medical practitioners at each stage of practice, 4 programs are specially designed for doctors in SPECIFIC STAGE OF THEIR PROFESSION, whether they are:

  • Specialists
  • General Practitioners
  • Dentists
  • Recent Fellow
  • Medical Trainees,
  • and their Practice Managers

The programs are tailored to suit different practice stages – Starting or Established- and are offered on different dates. So you can have opportunity to ask questions specific to your practice stage, within similar peer group.

Acknowledging the specific issues faced by Women in Medicine, we have one program that is designed for Women in Medicine.

If you are a Medical Practitioner, whether established in practice or wish to start new practice and are,

  • Dedicated to enhance patient care
  • Wish to know essential skills in Finance, Marketing and other business areas of your practice
  • Wish to reduce advisor/accountant dependency or manage them effectively
  • Aim to achieve full practice potential in a structured way
  • Committed to professional excellence
  • Aspire a balanced lifestyle

Then this program is designed for you to help you achieve these objectives.

How this program will benefit me?

How this program will benefit meThis comprehensive and stimulative Program will help medical practitioners to enhance or at least preserve the value created by their hard work.

The 6 key benefits received by attending doctors are:

  • Improve financial outcomes of their practice
  • Realize proven pathways to grow their medical practice amidst increasing competition
  • Get conversant with instantly usable tools for better investment and business decisions
  • Know the right questions to ask themselves, their practice managers, accountants or other advisers
  • Reduce non-clinical risks by improving Quality and Safety across Business side of their practice
  • Learn skills to reduce advisor dependency or assess correctness of their advice
  • Enhance patient care through improved practice performance and capabilities

Do you offer different programs to suit specific practice stages?

This is a very valid question.

We understand that each practice faces different issues and opportunities, at different stage.

Therefore, we have different programs to suit such specific requirements:

  • Practice Growth Strategies for Established Practitioners- GPs and Specialists
    • The program covers growth strategies, different marketing tactics and issues, risk management and financial aspects. Click here for details.
  • Business Essentials for Doctors Starting practice- GPs and Specialists
    • This program covers business essentials for those starting practice including finance, marketing and other essential aspects. Click here for details.
  • Business Essentials for Women in Medicine
    • This program addresses slightly different challenges women doctors face and covers finance, marketing, structuring from that perspective. Click here for details
  • Marketing for Specialist Practices

How can one course fit all doctors- whether Specialists or GPs?

How can one course fit all doctors

This is a very valid question.

After thoroughly considering it from four perspectives (as below) as well as feedback from many doctors, we decided to have only one program for GPs and Specialists, with content modified to specific practice stages than to specialities, with rational mentioned as below:

  1. Common Issues and Solutions Perspective

Many doctors regardless of their speciality, or gender have some common questions or challenges. E.g. How can I increase my patients?, How I deal with increasing competition? How do I assess investment decision?,  What I must ask my accountant than signing BAS and yearly tax returns? Etc etc.

In this program, we focus on principles which provide solutions to a wide range of such common problems faced by doctors- whether they are General Practitioners or Specialists.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson says,

“If you learn only by methods, you will be tied to methods. But if you learn principles, you can devise your own methods”.

Such acquired principles can then provide solutions to a variety of problems in that area e.g. most of the financial questions can be solved by sound knowledge of money principles, which we cover in our program.

That’s why we have on this one program only, focused on principles of Health Business Success. However, the Program caters for nuances due to differences stages of practice /profession and hence separate programs specific to practice stage are run on different dates.

2. Mutual Benefit Perspective

A lot of interesting exchange of information happens during the program. General Practitioners and Specialists mutually benefit from the wealth of experience and perspectives.

In addition to mutual knowledge exchange, the program provides a great networking platform for Specialists and General Practitioners.

3. Flexibility Perspective

If you are an experienced practitioner working as contractor or in hospital but wish to start a new practice, then you have flexibility to attend the program which suits your specific requirements.

4. Specific Knowledge Perspective

To maintain focus on the specific knowledge areas, we provide  20 short 3 hour courses specific to knowledge areas in management. e.g. Wealth management, Negotiation skills or Leadership etc. These short courses are beneficial for those who want to deepen their skills in specific areas of management, after doing Health Business Excellence Program.

I am an established and successful doctor, why should I attend this Program?

I am an established and successful doctor

If you are successful and established, that means you must have done right things at right time, sincere congratulations.

Many doctors who attend this program have atleast 10+ years of experience and are established practitioners.

As per their written feedback received, they get the most value out of this program as they can readily apply the new skills learnt to their practice, to take it to the next level – Good to Great.

With due respect, the most common feedback we hear is “If I would have known this 15-20 years ago; I would not have done those mistakes then. Atleast I know this now”.

They acknowledge that much has changed in realm of medical practice and much is changing rapidly, and only way to adapt and manage this change is to continuously acquire new knowledge on business side of practice, like they do on clinical side.

Another comfort these senior practitioners find in this Program is it is purely educational with ‘no product selling’. Unlike most of other so called ‘educational events’ which try to sell something to doctors, we do not sell any further products or services.

Additionally, Program offers CPD points for attendees. Please visit CPD Entitlement page to see how many CPD points you can receive for attending this Program for one or two days.

What makes this program different to others?

What makes this program different to othersKey differentiating factors of this Program are:

  1. Only such program approved as CPD activity at one time by RACGP and almost all Specialist Colleges who approve such programs.
  2. Program content is developed based on first-hand experience and understanding of challenges faced by doctors, as we own-operate a medical center.
  3. This is purely educational activity in which we share ALL what we know and what works for medical practice, without holding back anything. Our goal is that participants should walk away with more answers than questions (unlike ‘education-look alike’ workshops/courses conducted by advisory firms which are tactfully designed to generate more questions, to get more consulting work later from attending doctors).
  4. The content is developed on inputs by many senior practitioners regarding ‘what they want to know about practice management or business side of practice’.
  5. Unlike others, we provide Practical Knowledge and Instantly Usable, DIY Tools, so you can assess the correctness of advice given by your advisers.
  6. We guarantee ‘No further product selling’, as we understand that under garb of education, many such seminars are trying to sell something to doctors- either products or future consulting services.
  7. We many a times get expert speakers who provide practical content, with no intent of generating more work for them.
  8. This program is developed based on our proprietary STAR ® Model of Business Success.
  9. One hour telephone support to implement tools at your practice is included, which is sufficient to apply the key learned concepts.

Please read FAQ ‘What this program is NOT’.

What medical or business experience you have to offer such education for doctors?

What medical or business experience you have

This is a very important question.

The program is developed and delivered by Sachin Joshi, based on his medical and diverse business experience and management knowledge.

Medical Industry Experience: Married to a doctor for 26 years, Sachin owns-operates a medical centre in Hunter Valley for over 6 years. He has developed this program based on inputs from a panel of doctors involving Specialists and General Practitioners.

Sachin has also worked as consultant, advising many doctors on various business issues. This first hand experience in dealing with complex health business issues at different practices has added value while creating course contents.

He had owned-operated a 20 bed fully equipped hospital in India for over 10 years.

Business Experience: Sachin has a diverse industry experience of over 20 years. His entrepreneurial ventures include Property Development, building over 200 apartments in India and Consulting to Local Government and small businesses in Australia.

He has worked as CEO managing 300 people and $250 Million P&L in India.

Management Credentials: Sachin’s such experience is coupled with cutting -edge management knowledge acquired during concurrently completing two Masters courses in Australia- MBA Executive from UNSW and Master of applied Finance from McQuarie University. He is also graduate member of Australian Institute of Company Directors.

We hope it assures you of quality of the Program.

If you have read this, perhaps you can skip reading FAQ-‘Who delivers this Program?’


All Doctors will definitely benefit from the solutions provided to the non-clinical/management issues they have to deal with in addition to the clinical responsibilities.

As an example, employed doctors or those working as contractors (self-employed) feel more equipped to ask right questions to their accountant or financial planner regarding their personal financial matters, after they attend the Finance module. They learn new skills regarding how to deal with colleague or staff issues in their work environment.

I am not a practice owner, how do I benefit from this program?

I am not a practice owner, how do I benefit from this program?Many doctors, not in private practice, also need to deal with financial and other non-clinical /management matters in their employment.


All Doctors will definitely benefit from the solutions provided to the non-clinical/management issues they have to deal with in addition to the clinical responsibilities.

As an example, employed doctors or those working as contractors (self-employed) feel more equipped to ask right questions to their accountant or financial planner regarding their personal financial matters, after they attend the Finance module. They learn new skills regarding how to deal with colleague or staff issues in their work environment.

I am Practice Manager and have done other Practice Management courses. How do I benefit by attending this course?

I am Practice Manager and have done other Practice Management courses.

While continually developing the content, our focus is maintained on ‘Rethinking Practice Management’.

The content will surely benefit practice managers and is quite different to conventional practice management courses offered elsewhere.

Most common feedback we have received from Practice Manager participants is “The newness and relevancy of the content exceeded my expectations”.

In previous programs, practice managers have attended with their doctors and have come up with new solutions during the events itself. Alternatively, they can attend individually as well.

Why Simplifying Business started this program?

I have very high respect for medical profession. I have worked in health industry for a long time as  practice owner/manager of my wife’s practice as well as consultant.

Over these years, I observed that many doctors have a good business acumen. However, having acumen is not good enough due to rapidly changing environment of business of health.

If established doctors wish to take their practice to next level or if beginners wish to make a right start, they need a specific set of business skills to manage these changes effectively. Doctors being top 1% brainy people, are fast learners, however, such skills are not taught in med school or they are not available to learn in expected least amount of time.

Another disturbing trend observed is that many consultants- accountants, financial planners, wealth managers, marketing companies- try to take disadvantage of this gap in business knowledge. I continue to see many examples  where time-poor doctors fall into the traps such advisers and experience expensive learning lessons.

Out of my respect and soft corner for this profession, I decided to come up with a program that can provide doctors with such fundamental business skills, in least amount of time. Plus these skills will equip them to reduce adviser dependency or atleast assess correctness of their advice.

The objective is with such skills doctors can preserve the value they create with their hard-work.

What This Program IS And IS NOT

What is this program is and is not

What this program is NOT

X Education based marketing run by so-called health experts consultants selling further advisory services or products                           X Shallow knowledge content so you have to go back to these consultants to seek more answers
X Coverage of same stale topics
X Investment scheme or proposal
X Tick-box activity
X Programs filled with time wasters

Business Excellence Program is:

  • Endorsed by doctors for doctors, whether or not in private practice, at any stage of their Profession.
  • Designed so that participants walk away with answers than leaving with more questions (unlike other education programs conducted by advisors which are designed to generate more questions so advisors can get more work and money from you).
  • Intensive program offering comprehensive knowledge.
  • Simplified and Customised Extract of current, practical management
    knowledge by management thought leaders by review of:

    • 3000+ articles
    • 100 management books ,
    • Popular Management Tools
    • Vast theoretical materials and Case-studies

Aided with

  • 22 year C-suite and Entrepreneurial experience in Property and

My college isn’t listed on the CPD page; does this mean I cannot attend the course or I don't get CPD points if I attend?

My college isnt't listed on the CPD pageThe program is approved as CPD activity by almost all Colleges who approve such activities by external providers.

Fellows and members of other Colleges who do not approve such courses by external providers for CPD, can most probably claim points as self directed learning under relevant category; please check with your own College re such CPD points.

We can also enquire with your College re CPD points if it is not in the list.

You promise no further product selling, but what if I need support for implementing concepts learnt in this course?

no further product sellingWe share tools we know work and don’t hold back anything to get more work from you.

However we acknowledge that some practices may need some support to implement tools learnt in the program.

For such support, we can offer one hour phone consultation, without any cost, which is generally sufficient to provide positive direction regarding implementation of learned concept or tool.

However, only if you need more support, we are happy to discuss it with you. But we will not solicit extra work from you.

Do I have to complete the course over two consecutive days?

 Do I have to complete the course over two consecutive days?Mostly 90% of delegates attend 2 consecutive days. Most common feedback we receive at the end of second day is “Now I know why it is essential to attend both days together”.

However, you can complete the program as you wish. We offer flexible options below:

  1. Completing the whole programin 2 consecutive days
  2. Completing both days on different dates, at same or different venues
  3. Complete Day 1 or Day 2 only depending upon the content suitability


First Day Program covers:

  • Essential building blocks of business
  • Marketing in great depths
  • Optional topic depending upon time

Second Day Program builds on first day and covers:

  • Finance
  • Growth Strategies
  • Staff Management

Request a detail outline here to assess which day suits your specific requirement.

Who Delivers The Program?

Who Delivers The Program?Program developer and main presenter

Sachin Joshi,

MBA (AGSM-Distinction), MFinance (MQ, Credit), GAICD, BE (Civil), Change Facilitator

With passion for Simplification and thorough understanding of issues faced by
doctors in private practice, Sachin developed Business Excellence Program in 2014, to make their private practice a more rewarding experience.

In prior 20 years, Sachin’s career highlights include CEO role managing 300
people, and entrepreneurial ventures in property and other industries.

Sachin’s cross-industry experience is complemented with knowledge acquired
in concurrently completing 2 Masters programs in Sydney. Graduate member of AICD, he also own-operates a Medical Centre in Hunter Valley.

If interested in knowing more about us, please read ‘Our Story‘ in About Us section.

Guest speakers:

We sometimes invite experts on various topics like Finance, Risk management, Medico-legal to provide valuable insights into most current topics.

What is 100% Money Back Guarantee

What is 100% Money Back GuaranteeWe truly believe in quality of our contents.

Therefore, we will refund full program fees if you attend the program for half a day and are unsatisfied with the content or think its is not for you.

You will only have to professionally inform us prior to lunch and return the hard copy materials, to receive the full refund of paid fees after deducting hotel’s day charges.

In such circumstances, we will not refund any additional, travel or hotel costs incurred. As the hotel is booked months in advance, we do not get any refund on day charges booked and therefore can not provide any refund on day charges.

What are program fees?

What are program fees?

Fees include

  • Program materials (inclusive of Predisposing and Reinforcing activities), case studies, action plan templates
  • Lifelong access to online program updates (coming soon)
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea at a 5 Star hotel
  • Networking events
  • One hour telephone support for implementing tools for your practice

Fees for Face to Face mode Programs per participant:

  • $1,500 per day – 40% Discount ($900 per day) for selected medical colleges.
  • Discounts: Call 02 4933 4646 for group discount offers.

*Spouses whether or not involved in practice management are welcome to participate 2 days program in classroom if do not have professional conflict of interest with Program provider, at nominal extra cost of $125 per day. Please note education materials are not provided to spouse participants.

* For spouse who is a doctor, full offered rates apply, as they are provided with education materials.

*For Practice managers attending with doctors, full offered rates apply, as they are provided with education materials.

Fees for Online mode:

Online delivery mode will be available soon

Do you offer any other courses?

Do you offer any other courses?We offer half-day and full-day courses on 17 management topics. Full list of these courses is available on our online learning platform (under development)

Top Ten Courses for Successful Enterprise

  • Building Business
  • Powering Growth Strategy
  • Becoming Better Leaders
  • Managing People
  • Mastering Marketing
  • Finance Fundamentals
  • Meaningful Business Planning
  • KPIs That Matter
  • Governance Essentials
  • Operational Excellence

Seven Effective Courses of Self-Management

  • Making Better Decisions
  • Improving Productivity
  • Effective Meetings
  • Fruitful Negotiations
  • Persuasive Presentations
  • Maximising Teamwork
  • Art of Career Control

Do you have an option for online learning?

Do you have an option for online learning?Based on feedback from over 100+ participants, face-to-face mode is most preferred than online.

However, we acknowledge that some doctors may prefer online learning due to convenience.

Our online learning platform is under development. Please register your interest if you prefer online course.

What is your cancellation policy?

We acknowledge that due to unforeseen circumstances, you might have to cancel the booking.

In such unlikely event, if such cancellation is within 30 days of course, we will refund full amount paid.

Alternatively, you can transfer your booking to subsequent course dates or to your colleagues.

For unlikely event of cancellation within 30 days of course dates, full refund is not possible as we have already incurred venue and other costs, but will discuss it on case by case basis.

If we have not answered your questions

here, please ask us on

041 000 2345.

“3 doctors and me attended from Townsville area. Great forum to learn from peers as well”.

General Practice Manager for 25 years

Hilton, Sydney 25-26 Aug, 2017