Money, Marketing and Medical

About the '3M' Workshop

Money, Marketing and Medical

Everything you need to know about Finance and Marketing
to take your Practice from GOOD to GREAT

One of its kind workshop designed to change the way you look at your practice, regardless of its stage and age.

With tailored sessions for GPs and Specialists and their Practice Managers,

Learn with Sachin Joshi in jam-packed 16 hours, How to create more profitable practice, Find right business structure , Price your services correctly and Guard personal wealth, Increase new patients consistently using digital and social media marketing, Improve patient satisfaction, retention and Build your brand and have a fulfilled life at the same time.

This workshop is NOT only about Money, Money, Money (as might be inferred from title).  It’s about sharing cutting-edge tools to manage your finances and to manage those who manage your finances. It’s about sharing proven strategies about how to build a truly patient centered practice and grow it multi-fold.


26-27 Oct 2019







Hilton, Sydney

Key Benefits

  • 100 % Money Back Guarantee* with No Product Selling Promise.
  • Unique blend of inspiration and invaluable insights from years of experience working with Doctors, based on real life case studies
  • Get 6000 hours worth of knowledge in 16 hours through a leading professionals in health, business and financial disciplines specializing in healthcare consultancy
  • Proven tools & techniques for business growth & wealth creation with result driven action plans
  • Peer learning through like-minded doctors, eager to share and develop their knowledge
  • CPD Entitlement*
  • Higher returns on your time investment through intensive schedule, with no time-wasters
  • 300 page binder as a reference source

What You Will Learn

  • Money and Medical


  • Money is NOT a dirty word– everyone needs it and works for it, including doctors.In fact, without enough Money, no business can serve their consumers well; think about it!

  • Finance Basics:
    Choosing right business structure, Better ways to raise finance for your practice, Understanding and managing Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss (Income Statement) and Cashflows
  • Analyzing Practice Performance: Tools for making right financial decisions using your practice data, Gain powerful insights and understand your practice like never before- what your accountant won’t tell you, Maximize business outcomes with right KPIs and benchmarking with peers
  • Billing: Demystifying MBS, How to monetize MBS item numbers in legal and ethical way using case studies, billing services and software, Eclipse and health fund billing, handling rejections effectively, reducing bad debts
  • Pricing: How to arrive at optimal pricing for your services
  • Investments: Tools to analyse investments in any assets, preserve wealth, advanced planning for retirement, creating higher value for practice
  • Adviser Solutions: How much to pay your accountant, Practical tips and tools to reduce adviser dependency, assess correctness of advisers’ advice, getting most of their advice and lower associated expenses.

Please refer to Workshop Outline for tailored sessions for GPs and Specialists and their Practice Managers.

Marketing for Medical

  • Marketing is not only about (1) getting more patients, but its about (2) serving them well and (3) retaining them.This workshop shows you ‘How to do all THREE, better than others and consistently’ and ‘How it directly affects the financial outcomes’.

  • Marketing Basics:
    Marketing that Works for Medical and why, Develop a marketing plan to increase patients consistently. In this topic the emphasis is on ‘Think Differently’.
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media: From hands-on knowledge of building website to latest trends in social media, How to best use Facebook, How to manage online reputation and build your brand, increasing ROI of your marketing dollars.
  • Legalities in Medical Marketing: Know what many marketing consultants don’t and avoid pitfalls,
  • Growth Strategies: Cutting edge frameworks to manage competition and leverage growth opportunities and effectively manage challenges that come with growth.

Bonus Content

  • Risk Management: Tools (beyond insurances) to manage non-clinical risks
  • Work-life Balance: Powerful strategies for achieving real balance in professional and personal life, on your terms.

Workshop Schedule

To be Successful you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart

Sr. Thomas Watson, CEO IBM (1874 – 1956)

TimeDay 1 – SaturdayDay 2 – Sunday
with coffee and lite breakfast
with coffee and lite breakfast

‘Healthcare Business
What’s changing in Healthcare Business and how to use it to take your business to next level
Essential Finance for Doctors Made Easy
Provides tools to take control of your finances, understand how to get meaningful insights from numbers.
10:30amMorning TeaMorning Tea

Session 2
Increase the Effectiveness of your Marketing
Understand nuts and bolts of healthcare marketing, to get high returns on your marketing dollars
Finance Strategy for Wealth Creation
What your accountant will never tell you! Tools to make informed financial decisions about your practice, investments and personal finances

Session 3
Improve your Marketing to create powerful brand
Best practice marketing strategies for a medical practice that go beyond increasing patients. Session includes all you need to know about branding, websites and a range of social media, discussed in depth.
Understanding Billing
An interactive session about billing and its impact on revenue
03:30pmAfternoon TeaAfternoon Tea

Session 4
Growth Strategy and Legal and ethical issues in Healthcare Marketing
Develop a growth strategy for your practice.Know what is not allowed in marketing and how to market effectively by staying within tough regulation.
Creating a profitable Practice
Explore proven tools and strategies to improve profitability of your practice.
Refer to detail outline for Specialists’ session
Session 5
CPD Formalities + Work Life Strategies for Doctors
An inspiring, interactive session showing awesome strategies for work-life stress management.
Managing Risk in Growth phase
Reduce Financial, business and professional risks by using what is beyond insurances.
06:30pmNetworking Drinks & NibblesNetworking Drinks & Nibbles

Your Presenters

Meet Sachin Joshi

He knows how to build a successful private practice by managing the challenges medical professionals face on this journey.

Sachin, a leading professional in business and financial disciplines, an expert on business topics and writer on Yahoo Finance, has presented at many events including: GPCE, HPMI and PHN’s on  topics ‘How to Manage those who Manage your Money’, ‘Practice Business Planning’, ‘Improving Practice KPIs’ and ‘Managing Changes in Healthcare’, to name a few.

As a trusted coach and owner of medical center, he is deeply passionate about helping doctors achieve their business and personal goals.

Sachin developed unique Practice Success System for Doctors, with Doctors, by combining his cross-industry experience with world-class management knowledge. He is known to deliver contents in an entertaining manner, by making them Relevant and Result-oriented.

Find out more about Sachin’s expertise and academic qualifications here.


Early Bird

$990 + GST per day

$1850 + GST for both days

Book 60 days prior to receive the early bird rate

Standard Rate

$1500 + GST per day

$2800 + GST for both days

Group Bookings of 2 or more medical professionals receive 20% off total amount.


“The course was invaluable in providing us with the information to feel confident to move forward with our business venture. Sachin, provided clear, concise and up to date information to market our new medical business effectively and within legal realms. We were taught the skills to recruit, keep and manage staff and create a positive work culture. Thank you Sachin for your professional and entertaining approach.”

Milton Village Medical, Brisbane 8-9 September 2018

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