Skin Cancer Awareness…Why do we need shock treatment?

Skin Cancer Awareness…Why do we need shock treatment?

December 29, 2017 Healthcare News

A new article on 13 Dec 2017 describes how posting of a startling selfie by a US nurse on social media in April 2015, sparked awareness about skin cancer.

The article reports, “Her selfie was shared 50,000 times on social media in less than a month, and her story received widespread media attention. Google searches about skin cancer climbed to near-record levels when news coverage about Dzierzek’s selfie was at its peak, according to the case study published Dec. 13 in the journal Preventive Medicine”.

It’s very brave of this young nurse to post such selfies in social cause.

Question is- Government, especially in Australia, is doing enough awareness campaigns along with many NGOs like Cancer Council. But why people need such a shock treatment to raise awareness? Why can’t we learn with normal awareness campaigns?